Formula 1 Betting Odds

The reigning Champion of the F1 is Lewis Hamilton having won the title in 2019 for the sixth time in a row. The British driver of Mercedes is currently 1st in the 2020 World Drivers Championship with 205 points. The ones that seek to challenge Hamilton’s reign are Mercedes’ Finnish driver, Valtteri Botas, now in 2nd with 161 points, and the Belgian-Dutch, Max Verstappen, of Red Bull who’s 3rd with 128 points. Mercedes also has a comfortable lead in the World Constructors’ Championship standings occupying both 1st and 2nd place with 366 points in total; a significant point difference from the 3rd placed Red Bull. Will Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes continue their domination for another easy championship in 2020?

Formula 1 Odds

Formula one, or otherwise F1, is the highest class of auto racing and is known as the pinnacle of speed and suspense in the racing world. Michael Schumacher is perhaps the player most associated with Formula 1 across the world, as the German retired race driver won a legendary 91 Grand Prix victories during his career -the most to this day. Lewis Hamilton, however, is gettingg close to that record with 90 wins while Sebastian Vettel comes in third with 53 wins. A single F1 Grand Prix consists of numerous events meaning a plethora of F1 betting options to choose from with Monaco and Monza standing out from the other Grand Grix with their prestige and glamour.

Formula 1 Betting

Reaching speeds up to 375 km/h, the F1 cars are the fastest in the world, and F1 betting is all about that same rush of adrenaline. At bwin, you’ll be able to find various F1 betting options. Choose the outright winner for the driver's World Championship or your favourite for the Constructors' Championship. Play head to heads to pick which out of two teams will do better in a single Grand Prix, whether a team will finish the race, and even whether the winner will be the one whose car has completed the most laps. If you’re even more of a risk taker, then why not pick winners and losers according to nationality? You can even predict the driver to retire first, the one to have the most points in a race or even the one to record the fastest lap. Bets are also possible on qualifying rounds, for example whether a driver will make the cut for sessions 2 and 3. If you love the roar of the engines, don’t miss the thrill of F1 betting.

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